Table decoration for Easter

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Easter is coming!

Maybe you will have guests on Easter too!

We have the right table decoration for your Easter brunch.

We put the table runner "Streifen / Punkte gelb grün" along out table.

We decorated the plates in two ways. Let's start with this one:

We put the napkin "Modern Colours grün" under the plates on that side. On the plates there is first a "Modern Colours gelb" napkin and 2 napkins with the name "Ostermorgen". There's a "Modern Colours gelb" napkin in the cup as well as a millboard Easter egg. We fold the napkin diagonally and put the one corner into the other one. The egg is also available in our outlet store.

Here we used "Modern Colours gelb" for under the plate and "Modern Colours grün" and "Osterspaziergang" on the plate. There is also a millboard egg in the cup and a "Modern Colours grün" napkin.

There's also a Easter rabbit napkins for every place cover.

For folding this Easter rabbit you need to open the napkin. Then you need to fold it together in 3 parts which have the same size.
Fold both sides on the upper edge to the middle.

Fold both lower edges to the middle again.

Fold the lower sides again to the middle.

First, turn the napkin over 180° and after that turn it on the back side.
 Fold the lower corner to the top.
And then fold the napkin in the middle.
Finished with the Easter rabbit.

In the middle of the table you can see the napkins "Osterspaziergang", "Ostermorgen", "Modern Colours gelb", "Modern Colours grün" and "Belinda hellgrün".
To fold these napkins is easy.
First you open the napkin 1 time. Fold the upper edges to the middle.

And then put one napkin into the other napkin.

We also put yellow feathers on the table and a few chicks and cocks made of pipe cleaners (you can buy them in decoration stores, drugstores or supermarkets).
The egg cups are made like nests and filled with feathers and eggs.

Have fun with decorationg like this.

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