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A blank table - not very nice! And first of all not really inviting!

And how can this blank table be transmogrified into a beauty?

Today we want to show you a suggestion in green blue brown tones.

A brown table runner was put along the table. In the middle of the table runner are 3 napkins: 2 with stripes and in the middle a bigger one in light green. On those napkins you can see other napkins in different colours and different sizes. They are folded to the "Tafelspitz". Fold both top corners to the lower middle fold. Do not press the diagonal folds.

A little napkin with stripes it put into the bigger light blue napkin. Fold the little one similar like the bigger one. The only difference is to fold only one side to the middle. The other side must be put over the other side.

Between the plates you can see a light green napkin as a kind of mat. On the plates you can see a ethno napkin in combination with a fitting unicolour napkin.

Start with the napkin that should be on the outside in the end. Take the napkin with the opening downwards. and fold the corner of the lower end a bit towards the middle.
And put the outer corners together.
Take the second one and fold again the corner towards the middle. But this time a smaller one.

Put again the outer corners together but with a bigger diameter than the first one has.

Put the second napkin with the smaller diameter into the one with the bigger diameter.

On the right side of the plates there are guest towel napkins in light green for the cutlery.

E voilà - your table is perfect decorated for your guests!

Here the before and after comparison:

What a difference! That looks more impressive than a blank table and your guest will feel welcome...

We wish you much fun with decorating like this!

Used material:
* Lunch napkin "Ethno Circles"
* Cocktail napkin "Modern Colours grün"
* Lunch napkin "Modern Colours grün"
* Guest Towel napkin "Modern Colours grün"
* Dinner napkin "Modern Colours hellblau"
* Lunch napkin "Modern Colours hellblau"
* Lunch napkin "New Stripes green"
* Table Runner "Uni schoko"

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