Table Decoration

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Violet is one of the trendy colors in 2011.

Why not decorating a table in that color?

We have beautiful napkins in the tones violet, lilac and purple.

What do you think about that?

Looks really nice and it is not that difficult to do on your own.

What do you need for that?

* Barockranke flieder (From our Unique collection. Our Unique napkins are special design embossed napkins)
* Modern Colours flieder
* Modern Colours purple
(On our table you can also see our napkins Stiefmütterchen Grafik and Belinda lila.)

Table runner:
* Uni weiß

* marbled pillar candle lila

Other decor:
* lilac flowers (silk flowers or real flowers)
* deco wire in lilac
* deco ribbons in differents widths and tones
* deco glass, glass goblet or glass vase e.g. one that is looking like a Martini glass but with a longer shaft

First you put the table runner along the table. Put the ribbons and the vases on it. You can decorate the vases with flowers, deco wire or similar things.

For each seat we used 2 plates. Put a Modern Colours napkin in lilac on the bigger plate. We turned the second plate in 45 °. On this plate you can see a Modern Colours napkin in  pruple. The napkins on those plates aren't difficult to fold.

First fold a "Tafelspitz".
Open the napkin one time. Fold the edges on the upper fold diagonally to the middle fold. The napkin that you can see inside of the Unique napkin must be folded similar. But fold the second edge not to the middle, fold it over the other side. Put the napkins together - the lilac one inside of the "Tafelspitz". And then, decorate it with one or a few flowers (it depends on how big your flowers are).

The best thing is to use a napkin in size 40 x 40 cm for the cutlery bag (in this case Modern Colours flieder). Fold the napkin again in the middle. Round that napkins we used our Unique napkin. Fold this in the middle too, but diagonally to get a triangle. Bend the edges round the Modern Colours napkin. And now you only need to fit your cutlery into your cutlery bag.

We also put some napkins into the wine glasses. The napkins are folded to the fan.
Open the napkin and fold it to a triangle.
Fold the triangle together in "accordion" folds. Start at the diagonal fold and make folds of the same width.
And then fold your "Accordions" in the middle and put both into your wine glasses. And add a nice flower again.

If you have napkins left then you can make some more fans and use them as decor on your table - like we did.

Put a candle in the center of your table and strew some flowers over your table. Finished!

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