Folding: The Bishop's Hat

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Today we want to present another folding instruction:

The Bishop's Hat

The napkin needs to be half-folded.

Fold the upper right corner diagonally to the middle and the lower left corner diagonally to the middle.

Now turn the napkin over 45°.

Now open the right corner again.

Fold the left side to the middle.

Now it should look like this:

Now fold the lower part on the middle fold (between the two big triangles) to the top.

Finally, you need to put the two edges into each other.

If you also want to put additional napkins into your Bishop's Hat as you can see on the picture, us two different sized napkins in different colors. Put the smaller one on the bigger one. Fold the lower peaks to the backside. Now you need to put the two edges again into each other.

Finally, put the two folded napkins into your Bishop's Hat and decorate your table with that.

We wish you much fun with folding and decorating!

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