Autumn Table

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Sometimes Autums has something sad and melancholic. The trees lose their leaves and the beautiful flowers fade away. it is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. And the sun doesn't wnat to show her face so often... And even the birds leave us because it is to cold outside.

But Autumn has its good sides too. He turns the nature into a burst of colors. The forests shine in different green, yellow, brown, red and orange tones. And you can find many little treasures in the forest. With luck you can occasionally even see the animals in the forest when they collect their winter stock and when they winterproof their housings.
Autumn time also means harvesting time. Lots of mellowed pears, apples, plums, zucchini, pumpkins and potatoes are just waiting to be processed. Apple purée, plum butter, zucchini filled with ground meat, pumpkin cream soup, baked potatoes with curd cheese... Yummy! I bet your mouth waters!

But you can also decorate your table in Autumn. There are some beautiful ways to decorate an Autumn table. See our orange red covered table.

Therefore we used napkins and table runners in red and orange. We put our table runner "Structured orange" along our table.
As eye-cating things you see colored napkins on our white plates: "Modern Red Color" in size 33 x 33 cm and a "Modern Orange Color" napkin in size 25 x 25 cm on our small plate.And on the plates a beautiful apple from your own garden, a few chestnuts and a vine leaf. You can also see our napkins "Physalis" and "Colorful Leaves".
The best thing is, you use a guest towel napkin (40 x 33 cm) for the cutlery bag. Fold the upper right corner of the napkin to the backside. in our case we used an Airlaid napkin (40 x 40 cm) as second napkin. We folded one side diagonally with the red napkin. We put the orange colored napkin between the folded and the unfolded side of the red napkin. We folded the overlaying rest of the red napkin - which is longer than the orange napkin - to the backside. To make the folded napkins have a better hold we wrapped the cutlery bag with an orange colored ribbon. At least we decorated the cutlery bag with a Chinese lantern flower and a vine leaf. And on our table runner we draped a few chestnuts, vine leafs and little pumpkins. On a sunny day it looks very beautiful if you use a glass candle holder or glass lanterns.

We wish you a great day and an awesome week!

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