Christmas Table Decoration

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Soon we have Christmas.

Do you already have ideas for your decorated Christmas table?

If you have no ideas, we will show you a really festive table.

Bordeaux, gold, red and cream are really good colors for Christmas. and these colors can be combined very well. We combined the colors cream and gold for our decorated table.

To decorate your table like this, you need our table runner "Christmas Lace cream / gold" (0200-1037). We put that table runner along our table. You can see the highlight of our decorated table in the middle of the table. For that we took some cupressus twigs and decorated them with cream and gold colored Christmas tree balls. There are also 2 glass jars with golden candles. In the middle of the table there is also a plate with some additional napkins.

For each guest we have 2 plates (a soup plate and a dining plate). We have put a "Uni gold" (619768) napkin as well as a "Modern Champagne Color" (21L018) and a "Christmas Lace cream / gold" (511037) napkin on the plate. We folded the "Modern Champagne Color"-napkin to the so called "Stola" (scroll down for the folding instruction). And inside we've put a "Christmas Lace" napkin. On the "Stola" we add a little cupressus twig and a few wooden star decoration items. It's easy to fold the "Stola" and it takes not that much time.
We put the cutlery on mat that consists of the napkins "Uni gold" (719768) and "Christmas Lace cream / gold" (511037). And we decorated that we a little cupressus twig too.
Each guest also has a wine glass with is decorated with 2 napkins (619768 and 511037) that are folded to the "fan". You can find the folding instruction here.

Folding instruction "fan":

Fold the opened napkin to a triangle.

Fold a 2 cm thick stripe downwards. And turn the napkin on the backside.

Now fold the right and the left side to the upper barb.

In the end you can align the 2 sides you folded to the barb like you want to have them.

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