Folding: "Tafelspitz"

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Do you already know this version of the "Tafelspitz"?

Therefor you need 2 napkins.

Start with napkin 1 (the outer napkin).

Fold the opened napkin in the middle. The open sides need to be shown downwards.

Fold the upper right corner to the middle fold.
Do the same with the left side.

Repeat the procedure with the 2nd napkin which is shown in the middle of our picture (on top). But you don't fold the second side to the middle fold. You need to put the left side on the right folded side.
And now put the 2nd napkin in the middle of the 1st napkin and close the napkin on the middle fold. (The 2nd napkin looks a bit darker on our picture.)
Have fun with folding!

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