Valentine's Day

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It's Valentine's Day next week Tuesday!

Do you already have ideas how to treat your sweetheart?

We have a table decoration idea for your special Valentine's Day. Prepare a lovely and cozy table with our help.

For the table decoration we used our table runner "Uni white" (Art.-No. 0200-001, 500 x 40 cm) and rolled it on our table.

We spreaded the Home Fashion napkin "Modern Red Color" (Art.-No. 31L026, 40 x 40 cm) and placed it on each end of the white table runner on the table. Then we spreaded the Home Fashion "Two in Love" napkins (Art.-No. 211257, 33 x 33 cm) and placed them in the middle of the red napkins. We put a big white plate on the napkins and wrapped the middle of the plate with our "Modern Red Color" napkin and put a smaller plate on it.

On the plate, you can see a beautifully folded version of the "Tafelspitz" with our napkins "Two in Love" and "Modern Red Color". You can find the folding instruction here.

Let's take a look at the cutlery bag.

We took our napkin "Two in Love" (33 x 33 cm) and "Modern Red Color" (Art.-No. 21L026, 33 x 33 cm) for this folding technique.
Fold the opened Modern Color napkin in the middle. Then fold the right side of the napkin in accordion folds to the diagonal fold. Fold the last fold in the other direction so the folds are "wrapped". Put the design napkin - we folded a few cm on both sides to the backside - on the left side of the red napkin. Turn down the right side, so that the design napkin is wrapped by the red napkin. Fold the overlaying edge on the left side to the backside. Now you can put the cutlery into your cutlery bag.

The Champagne cups (Champagne flutes) are for decoration purposes only and were filled with nacre-colored pearls. They were also wrapped with white decor ribbon.

The centre piece of our decoration table consists of differently folded napkins, red silk flowers and decor ribbon.

Here we also used our napkins "Modern Red Color" and "Two in Love". And we added the design "Valentine Rose" (Art.-No. 110908, 25 x 25 cm).

We folded the "Modern Red Color" napkin with the method of the "Laying Fan". You can find the folding instruction here.
The difference is: The two sides are not put onto each other. When you put the accordion folds together in the middle, press it a bit more so that you will receive a napkin looking like a fan. Don't overlay one side to the other. Just fold it in half and then use a paper clip or a stapler to fix it.

The remaining napkins were also folded to the "Tafelspitz".

You can order the table runner and the napkins on our online shop at!

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