Table Decoration: "Green Christmas"

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Do you want to decorate your Christmas table in a traditional but elegant style? Do you like the colors green and red for Christmas?
Then take a look at this table decoration.

You need:

- Cocktail napkin (25 x 25 cm) Modern Red Color Art.-No. 11L026
- Lunch napkin (33 x 33 cm) Modern Evergreen Color Art.-No. 21L012
- Lunch napkin (33 x 33 cm) Modern Red Color Art.-No. 21L026
- Lunch napkin (33 x 33 cm) Modern Champagne Color Art.-No. 21L018
- Lunch napkin (33 x 33 cm) Stars And Swirls green Art.-No. 611253

Table Runner:
- Table runner (500 x 40 cm) Stars And Swirls Art.-No. 0200-1253

- marbled pillar candles champagne Art.-No. 10-7001

Other Things:
- baubles in gold, silver and white (shiny and matt)
- fir sprigs
- candle holder
- porcelain, cutlery and wine glasses

First, roll the table runner along the table. Put the spray (flower arrangement) with the candles on it (you can get those arrangements in flower shops if you don't want to create one on your own).

Put the plates and the glasses on the table as well.

Fold cutlery bags for the cutlery. You need the napkins "Modern Evergreen Color" and "Modern Red Color" (Cocktail napkin). The folding tutorial can be found HERE. Take the red napkin and fold the edges to the back and put it inside the green cutlery bag.

On the plates you put the napkins "Stars and Swirls green". Use green Modern Colors napkins to fold the fans ("Pfauenfächer"). HERE you can find the folding tutorial. Now you can put them on the napkins on the plates.

As decoration you can see folded lunch napkins in red, green and champagne-colored the head side of the table. Find the folding tutorial HERE .

Have fun folding and decorating.

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