Table decoration for Easter

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Easter is coming closer and of course the table should be also decorated for Easter.
If you don't like it that brightly colored and sumptuous but simple and in tender colors, you might like this one:

Therefor you need:


- Cocktail napkins (25 x 25 cm) |  Green Dots  | Article-No. 111102
- Cocktail napkins (25 x 25 cm) |  Yellow Dots  | Article-No. 111035
- Lunch napkins (33 x 33 cm) |  Green Dots  |  Article-No. 211102
- Lunch napkins (33 x 33 cm) |  Get the Easter Eggs |  Article-No. 211356
Table Cover:
- Table cover (180 x 120 cm) | Structured Light Green  |  Article-No. 0120-780
or alternatively:
- Table cover roll (500 x 120 cm) | Structured Light Green  | Article-No. 0130-780

First, spread the table cover over your table und put the dishes on.

Take the dotted, green napkins. Fold the upper part of it to the back side - but don't fold it in the middle. Put the left and the right side of the napkin together so it becomes a round form and you can do it into the cup.

Fot the napkin on the plate, you take the Easter napkin. Open the napkin once. Take one side of the napkin and fold it over to the middle. Take care to not fold the napkin directly, but to put it into the middle fold and don't press it (similar to the Tafelspitz). Arrange the napkin on the plate and draw the other side of the napkin on the folded side. The napkin will detach a bit so 2 edges will be created on the upper side - as you can see on the picture.

As a decoration element we used a few napkins and folded them to a "Fan". Here you can find the folding tutorial.

The folding tutorial for the folded Easter rabbit which you can also use for decoration, is here.

For the rabbits you need:

- Centre table cover (80 x 80 cm) | Structured Light Green  | Article-No. 0110-780
- Centre table cover (80 x 80 cm) | Uni yellow  | Article-No. 0110-003

Have fun with folding and decorating!

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