New Online Shop!!! {Part 1}

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Finally time has come, here is our new online shop.
With new and especially bright colors, our online shop is shining in new splendor.
In this post and in the following post we show you some Features of the new online shop.

Click on the picture to visit our online shop.

New or different is our login area. Before you already were able to sign in with your data to order things in our online shop. Now it is also possible for merchants. They are now able to register with their customer ID and their data to do their orders online.
if you haven't ordered here until now, you can register here. Go here for the merchant signin. After a successful registration you will receive a confirmation email.

Click on the picture to register.

Signed in?

So let's start with shopping.

You are looking for something really Special? A Special Color or a specified product?
You are looking for something for a wedding or a birthday? It's Christmas again in already six months...
Or are you looking for bargains? You don't need to search our entire shop to find what you are looking for.

More about that can be found in the next post (part 2).
So best is to come back tomorrow to get to know more.

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