Table Decoration: Winter Time

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Suitable for that season of the year, we have a winterly table decoration for you:

We used the following things:

* Lunch napkin "Modern darkblue Color" (33 x 33 cm) - article number 21L030
* Lunch napkin "Modern aqua Color" (33 x 33 cm) - article number 21L024
* Lunch napkin "Modern turquoise Color" (33 x 33 cm) - article number 21L016
* Lunch napkin "Uni silver" (33 x 33 cm) - article number 619769
* Lunch napkin "Winter Landscape" (33 x 33 cm) - article number 611127
* Dinner napkin "Uni silver" (40 x 40 cm) - article number 319769
* Dinner napkin "Modern aqua Color" (40 x 40 cm) - article number 31L024

table runner:
* Tischläufer "Uni weiß" (500 x 40 cm) -
          Artikelnummer 0200-001

table cover roll:
* table runner "Uni Schoko" (500 x 120 cm) -
          article number 0130-023

other things:
* pillar candle champagne - article number 10-7001
* cones
* candle holder
* Christmas tree balls in blue and silver
* white decoration twig
* dishes

First of all we cut a brown table cover roll on the right length. If you have a beautiful dark brown wooden table it will be a pity to cover this with a table cover roll.
On the brown underground we put white table runners on. They are exactly where the guests will sit.

Let's come to the dishes. Put is on the table on that place where your guests will sit. On our plates you can see 3 napkins - "Modern Aqua Color", "Modern Turquoise Color" and on the top "Winter Landscape". If you want you can place more napkins behind the plates as you can see on the picture here on the right side. Here you can see 2 napkins that we've folded to a "Tafelspitz". In each cup we have a big cone.

The highlight of our table is in the middle.
No one said it has to be a big flower center piece. Especially in Winter it's a bit difficult. So we used big champagne colored pillar candles on silver globose candle holders.
And we also added a few napkins to create a special flair. We used napkins in different blue shades and also a silver one that we folded to fans. We draped them with Christmas tree balls in similar Colors and an iced twig around the candles.

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