Folding Tutorial: "Star"

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Today we have a wonderful new folding tutorial for you.

But let us tell you first that this "Star" is not that easy to fold!

The "Star" is more as a decoration element and a highlight on your plate.
Because we will fix the napkin with staples you can't use it after eating for cleaning your fingers or your mouth.

You need for this folding:
* a napkin, we suggest to use a lunch napkin (33 x 33 cm)
* stapler
* a suitable ribbon

Step 1:
First of all open the napkin.
Fold both sides of the napkin to the middle.
After that turn the napkin around.

Step 2:
Now fold the napkin in accordion pleats.
Fold the napkin 7 times in 8 parts that all have the same size.
To get the right distance for receiving 8 parts in the same size, you should fold on side of the napkin to the middle. That's a good way to get the right size of the parts.

Step 3:
Upend your accordion pleats and hold your napkin in the middle.
Fan out the napkin in a circle.

Step 4:
Draw down all upper edges on the folding line in a right angle.
For this step we recommend to use the staples for connecting the 2 sides that are open. In that way your napkins has a better foothold and you can make the star round.

Step 5:
After you folded all edges down and your napkin is round and looks like a star, you can fix ánd decorate the star with a nice colorful ribbon. Now you are finished and you can put your foldet napkin on your plate.

Don't stop trying if it doesn't work the first time. It's a bit difficult to fold the "Star" but skill comes with practice.

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