Table Decoration: "Summerly Field of Daisies"

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The trees and the grass shine in their brightest green and the flowers on the fields show their colors.

One more reason to bring this scenario into your home and on your table.

A word and a blow, here you can see the result:

Herefor you need:

* Table cove roll "Structured light green" (approx. 500 x 120 cm) - Article number 0130-780
    or table cover "Structured light green" (180 x 120 cm) - Article number 0120-780
* Table runner "Structured apricot" (approx. 500 x 40 cm) - Article number 0200-004
* Napkin "Structured apricot" (40 x 40 cm) - Article number 0100-004

* Lunch napkin "White Daisies" (33 x 33 cm) - Article number 211427
* Cocktail napkin "Three Butterflies orange" (25 x 25 cm) - Article number 111206

Textile ribbon:
* Deco band light green (10 m x 27 cm) - Article number 40214013
* Deco ribbon "Widy yellow" (10 m x 7,2 cm) - Article number 40214025
* Ribbon "Thinny yellow" (7 m x 0,3 cm) - Article number 40214096

Decoration items:
* Deco rocks apple green (9-13 mm, 550 ml) - Article number 40914043
* Glass nuggets yellow (2-4 mm, 550 ml) - Article number 40914053
* Glas nuggets orange (2-3 mm, 550 ml) - Article number 40914021
* Silk flowers napkin ring Margarita (Ø 8 cm, 1 Set of 2 pieces) - Article number 42014013

* Glass tea light holder "Partylight yellow" (Ø 67 mm) - Article nummer 41314014b
* Glass tea light holder "Partylight light green" (Ø 67 mm) - Article number 41314018
* Stearin scented candle "Essence Orange/Mango" (7,3 x 8,3 cm, approx. 30 h burning time) -
    Article number 40414001
* Tea lights in plexiglass (12 pieces, Ø 4 cm, approx. 8 h burning time) - Article number 40414057

Furthermore we used:
* Porcelain tea pot white matt (1,2 l) - Article number 40314097
* Napkin holder wood white (19 x 19 x 7 cm) - Article number 40814003
* Dishes
(you can find all of these articles in our Online Shop)

First of all cut the table cover roll in a size that suits your table or use our light green table cover. Also cut the table runner in 2 pieces that have the same size und put them on your table on the table cover.

Now place your dishes on the table. We draped a napkin on our plates. Therefor we used the napkin "White Daisies" and the folding technique of the star. Click here for the folding tutorial.

Put the dished on your table. We draped folded napkins on the plates. Therefor we used the napkin "White Daisies" and folded it to the "star". You can find the tutorial here. As you can see in the folding tutorial we fixed the napkin with staples. So the napkin is only for decoration. But anyways the napkin is a nice highlight on your decorated table.

Along the table we also draped a green table ribbon and a yellow deco ribbon. We tied both ribbons and entwist them. On the ribbons you can see green deco rocks and the napkins "White Daisies", "Structured apricot" and "Three Butterflies orange" which we folded to a "Tafelspitz". We also put several candles on the table (scented candles and tea lights in green and yellow tea light holders. Because the napkins on the plates are only decoration you can see a White wooden napkin holder on the table.

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