Table Decoration Halloween

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The days get dark earlier in Autum but nature is colorful and bright.
There are a lot of nice Autumn decoration ideas with chestnuts, pumpkins, apples, colorful leaves, barks and other great things. But Halloween is also a part of Autumn.
Because of that we have a new napkin in our collection in orange and black shades.
Suitable for the season we have here a decoration idea for your Halloween party.

Therefor you Need napkins, table covers, candles and other decoration things in the Colors black and orange.

* Center table cover "Structured orange" (80 x 80 cm) - Article number 0110-1100
* Dinner napkin "Modern Orange Color" (40 x 40 cm) - Article number 31L025
* Airlaid napkin "Uni black" (40 x 40 cm) - Article number 0100-040
* Lunch napkin "2 in 1 Halloween" (33 x 33 cm) - Article number 211526
* Candle "Rustic orange" (6 x 10 cm) - Article number 40414035
* Candle "Rustic black" (7 x 12 cm) - Article number 40414104
* Deco rocks black (550 ml, Stone size 9-13 mm) - Article number 40914045

Some Origami folding techniques can also be used for napkins. So we used here a black Tissue napkin for folding a bad.

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