Modern Table Decoration For Christmas

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Are you more a type for traditional Christmas decoration or are you looking for something new and modern?
Here we have a nice decoration Suggestion for you which combines elegance and simplicity.

You need:
* Table cover roll "Uni white" (500 x 120 cm) - Article number 0130-001
* Dinner napkin "Modern White Color" (40 x 40 cm) - Article number 31L019
* Lunch napkin "Modern White Color" (33 x 33 cm) - Article number 21L019
* Lunch napkin "Pearl Effect black" (33 x 33 cm) - Article number 21L034
* Lunch napkin "Glamorous Ball Gold" (33 x 33 cm) - Article number 611444
* Lunch napkin "Tree and Snowflakes" (33 x 33 cm) - Article number 611020
* Deco ribbon "Glittering silver" (40 mm x 2 m) - Article number 40214180
* chain of lights / fairy lights
* dishes (e.g. of our matt range or the 4 Dimensions range)

Because we had a pale table we reluinguished the white table cover roll. On our table we put the silver ribbon and draped the fairy lights on it.
We used several napkins as a decoration element under the plates, e.g. silver and white napkins, the Pearl Effect napkins and the white napkins with the silver trees. On the plates you can see the napkins "Glamorous Ball Gold".

This table decoration is very simple and doable in a few minutes. But it is effective and looks very noble.

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